Tuesday, 7 June 2016


In thinking you are separate from existence . In no thinking in silence you are one with existence. You are not and whole is.

Meditate and feel that you are the whole,opinion of  others about you creates the ego as such you have no self , you are the whole (God), so ego is substitute for self , ego has no substance and no roots. It is only the shadow . Moon reflected in the lake  is not the moon . But without I you disintegrate , so you have created a false I , false center, you feel I am the ego, you don't know your center so false center is created . You feel I am the ego, it is useful in life. this false center became yourself.

You are the ego , man can not live without ego , you don't know the self, so ego becomes yourself. You accumulate others opinion and strengthen your ego.If others opinion is withdrawn , you fall apart you needs others attention, you need continuous support, even children needs others attention unless you know the self, you will have to live with ego , ego becomes your main center. You fear to go in love , death and meditation so you always go on strengthening your ego, drop the ego, you are not interested, you feel death of ego is my death. You say I am separate from God and so I will manage my protection. But you are the whole and never separated from the whole. Your doing always strengthens more ego. But you are one with whole , so you are not the doer, the whole is the doer.

Understand well that God is the doer so don't become the doer and ego disappears.

When you meditate you are alone, there is no other and you don't need others opinion. so ego falls a part when ego is dropped you know that I am not the drop but whole ocean, you are the whole, you are also not, only God is, whole is , the only consciousness is.

You love but there is no love, there is no heart in it,only when your heart beats in love, then only you know that I am one with God, I am not separate and individual, I am the whole you are only in thoughts, you are in mind. Who am I ? you only know when you know I am the whole and not separate from God- the whole . The whole is choice less awareness and so I am also awareness. Ego drops, mind also drops and you are not the doer then ego drops only God is the doer.Then there is heart to heart communion, you go back to your center , a source from which you have come, you are back home. All tears, all trembling goes away . you know your soul and the soul is deathless, never dies. Atma is parmatmah , you know God and God is love. you love living life totally . you are deathless and remain always as you are , you feel the divine the source of life ultimate comes to you when all your doors are opened towards the divine , the ultimate will knock at your door and doors are open when you are not there and only God is, when you are absent you are the whole not there as separate individual . When you are absent then only there space for God to enter in to you, ultimate is so vast , you have to be so vastly empty infinite emotionless only then invisible God meets you you was the barrier,now you are the whole God , you never meet him but merge and mingled and become the whole ( God)

God is invisible, atomic we cant see him , man is visible gross body so it is not possible that invisible can meet the visible.

But in our life there are many opportunities when man can become invisible. Man when totally involved in dancing for a long time, the dancer disappears and only dance remains , The man becomes invisible and becomes capable to meet inside God.

A man hearing the highest music when deeply involved in music, the man disappears and only music remains , man becomes invisible . Two 0+0 meets and becomes one , man meets the God and become God In reality man is not and whole is. only God is.Man when deeply involved in Bhakti disappears and become the whole God.Such are the heart to heart communion possible in life and you are already that which you are searching . you can become only yourself and nothing else.  You did not know that you are the whole but in reality you are the whole and nothing else, it is already the case, . when you are deeply involved in meditation - you become no mind- there is no thinking mind and you experience your reality , you are already that which you want to be, you are the whole , you are the God - is reality, is the truth= understand this experience  this in your life and is possible for you, you are the miracle- almighty God. Your hidden harmony, your inner treasure is the whole- holy- religion - God only. You can realize it, it is nature, your reality is God , is you ,your nature - your being your enlightenment - your Buddha hood. Your mind is not capable to realize God . Your temple, pilgrimage, prayers- Bhajan kirtan, japjap, mantras all are mind -all are away from all mighty God. Don't waste your energy in it.


Follow your life here now, be spontaneous moment to moment, responding each moment. Existence never repeats, every moment creates new fresh alive. You can become only yourself and nobody else,don't try to copy anybody, you have nothing else to become, nothing to chase, you are already that which you wanted to be, you can not seek and search for God because God is already the case.

The only way to become a Buddha and only thing to attain is consciousness, awareness. You are choice less awareness. Awareness becomes more and more, higher and higher, when you live moment to moment, here now spontaneous. To live in present moment is the only meditation and here now is awakening, live your life, it is the only reality, all else is the mind. Always follow reality and wherever it leads  go with it. Your potential can be realized when you live moment. You are the barrier because of your unconscious and your identifications. Don't waste your energy in mundane things- in thinking- in mind activities. Reserve your energy from wherever it is leaking and wasting it.

Whenever you are full of energy and energy starts overflowing, you attain to an inner orgasm, that orgasm is ' Satori '- glimpses of the whole. When that orgasm becomes your constant state of your being is called SAMADHI. Just be, whatever you are here now, present in present moment, fully conscious. This is the door to Divine and Divine enters in you.

Jesus says, Knock and the door shall be opened in to you . you remain alert, aware, open, here now, present in present moment and God knocks at the door. He is continuously knocking but you are not there to hear, to listen, you are not there to open the door. God is available and you are missing him. Remain available and everything will happen to you.Life showers from everywhere. Nobody is hindering the path except you, you are absent. life is tremendous misery, you can merge, you can live, you can enjoy- it is endless journey, greater and greater revelations are waiting.

<strong>Your treasure is already within you</strong> Your mind is a problem, your life is not a problem, you are contentiously  in thoughts, your eyes are wondering somewhere else, be here now this is the time and this is the space, be present in present moment just now. Be more conscious and witness- look how you are becoming unconscious and remain absent.

You have been provided all which you are seeking, nothing is lacking, be alert, alive and see realize it. Live God you are it. you are not part, you are the whole-holy-religious. The whole treasure is yours.


Nothing wrong can be given by God to you. If you feel something is wrong , it is your projection.

Anger can be transformed into compassion, If there is no anger , the person will never be compassionate.

Salvation is fulfillment , life in all fullness. peaceful life who you are to fill within you, the good that has no opposites, the joy of being that depends on nothing outside, itself It is felt, not as  a passing experience but as an abiding presence. <strong>It is to know God </strong>not as something outside you, but as your most innermost essence. True salvation is to know yourself as an inseparable part of the timeless and formless all mighty God. A life from which all that exist derives its being. True salvation is a state of freedom from fear,. from suffering from perceived state of lack and insufficiency and therefore from wanting, needing, grasping and clinging. It is freedom from compulsive thinking ,from negetivity and above all from past and future as a psychological need.

You get there by realizing that you are there already and here now is the only point from where you can get there. You find God the moment you realize that you don't need to seek God. Now is the only time to find it and here is the only place to get him. There can be no salvation away from this moment, there is nothing you can ever do or attain that will get you closer to salvation than it is at this moment. You do it now or not at all.

We think and hope that money, power, prestige, good health, all security, mental health, physical health, sex, happiness everything. when I 'll achieve it I 'll have no fear- plenty of good food- family- and all desires fulfilled , I will be very very happy  but mountains from far away seems beautiful and nothing satisfy you. You are always unhappy and illusions and dreams all around you. All Maya -illusions and dreams . You are always in misery. Everything is short lived, you never reach to salvation, then death comes and all will be gone , you go alone. Nothing wrong can be given by God , all can be used for higher and higher experiences, everything can be used as stepping stone to meet the Divine.

Today the whole of humanity tries to achieve it in outer world and nobody is interested  to look inside. Even Samrat Shikander the  great warrior, after winning the whole world is not fulfilled, At last he says at the time of death, " I'm going back without achieving anything- my hands are empty".

We are interested only on outside objects where there is nothing , now turns towards you, to know your subjectivity, know thyself  who you are? and  after knowing yourself go deeper find your soul and then go deeper to find your emptiness- nothingness and in that space of silence and peace realize God and <strong>salvation is yours.


More you gather knowledge, the more your mind will become immature. Life goes on falling, life goes on changing, your remains the same, because if it is from past, life is here now. when you react , you react from your knowledge, you miss the point because it is not from here now, it is not useful for the life at present, more you function through knowledge, you are facing today with your yesterday, you will never be able to be alive, there is no freshness, no originality, no innocence, you function with your past- you are immature.

Children can learn more than adults. If he is left to himself, , he moves freely,spontaneously in present moment, learning comes easy by itself on its own accord. By the time children reaches the year eight he has learn almost seventy percent of whatever he is going to learn in his whole life.

You need beautiful being, your innermost being,  not rich in money but rich in your being, you don't need things but an open being learn life of consciousness, rest of life he will learn remaining thirty percent only and then his capacity to learn less and less, more he knows less he learns . Knowledge makes you less receptive, less open when you know much you miss much.

Take interest in existence, being and life and not in power , prestige, money, house, car etc. Don't take more interest in things but take care about your being, your existence, otherwise you will miss life and remain immature.


Intelligence is the inborn capacity to see to perceive. Every child is born intelligent and then made stupid by the society, we educate him stupidity, sooner or later he graduates in stupidity.

Intelligence is a natural phenomenon as breathing is, just as seeing is. Intelligence is the inner seeing, it is intuitive, it has nothing to do with intellect,intellect is of head, it is taught by others, it is imposed on you, you have to cultivate it, it is borrowed, it is something foreign, it is not in born, but intelligence is inborn. It is your very being, your very nature. Have you ever come over a child who is stupid? It is impossible! But to come across a grown up person who is intelligent is very rare.

We are trying to make everybody the same as everybody else, hence destroying every bodies potential for being himself.Intelligence dies in imitating others. If you want to remain intelligent you will have drop imitating, stop become a carbon copy of others, when you think how to be like that person you are falling from your intelligence and you are becoming stupid. The moment you compare yourself with somebody else you are losing your natural potential, now you will never be happy, you will lose your clarity, you will lose your vision, you will have borrowed eyes, how can you see with somebody's eyes?  You need your own eyes to walk, your own heart to beat. People are living borrowed life, hence there life is Paralyzed . This paralysis make them look very stupid.

Here the parents are making engineers, doctors and the doctors provides himself stupid and the person who could have great mathematician is just cramming history and feeling lost because education is not according to his nature, it does not pay any respect to the individual, it forces everybody into a certain pattern, the patterns fits a few people, but the majority is lost and majority lives in misery. The greatest misery in life is to feel oneself stupid, unworthy , unintelligent and nobody is born unintelligent because we came from God and God is pure, intelligent. We bring come some flavor, some fragrance from God when we come into the world, but immediately the society jumps upon the child and starts manipulating, teaching, changing, cutting, adding and soon the child loses all shapes, society wants him to be obedient and destroys his intelligence. Take the child out of this prison, take out of this pattern. It will be difficult because people are so accustomed to it, It is not just the clothing but it has become almost like their skin, they lived with so long. it is their  all identity but it has to be dropped if you really want to claim your Real being.

If you really want to be intelligent you have to be a Rebel, drop all that has been enforced on you against your will. Search again for who you are. start from ABC.


Do not force your body and suppress the mind,dance, sing move, run, jog, swim, let he body have all kinds of movements, so your mind also has all kinds of movement and through all those kinds of inner movements, the mind starts catharting, releasing its Poisson.
Shout, be angry, beat a pillow and you will be surprised. Don't hurt anybody, beat pillow. Become empty of all rubbish that has been accumulated in you from your very childhood and then wait, a silent starts descending in you, that silence has beauty of its own. When the silence comes not a single thought arises, not that you suppress it, not that you keep watch, not that you became very light and you want allow a single thought to pass. you are not struggling, you are in a let go but nothing arises. That is beautiful when no thought arises. When thought disappear of their own accord.Then you are utterly silent and this silence is positive, the forced silence is negative. Now he who is looking inward suddenly forgets he is looking. This is real inward looking.It you remember that you are looking inward that again is thought. First you are looking outward now looking inward.The ego is there, first you were looking at the object now you are looking at the subject.It remains the same. Looker and the looked both are there. Observer and the observed. This is not real silent. Two can not be silent, there will be always conflict.
Allow silence to descend on you rather than forcing it. Forced silence is artificial.Throw our all junks, become more and more empty. Create a little more space in you and that space the silence comes and you are empty, you see something from beyond starts descending in you, dancing energy enters in you, in your every cell, you are full of wordless songs- soundless-a divine music. In this music there is nobody who is looking and who is looked at. The observer is the observed. Dancer has become dance. Duality has disappeared. This non duality is the only real silence. In such moments you should remain in a let go, forget all your postures, don't do anything, relax utterly,more relaxed you are, more silence, more penetrate in to your being. Body and heart should be completely relaxed. No thoughts, no desires all disappears of its own. Mind and thoughts have no substance just shadows - does not leave trace.